Harley Etienne Featured on “Reckoning 375”

The associate professor of city and regional planning was a featured guest on Detroit Today’s audio miniseries.

Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning Harley Etienne was a featured guest on “Reckoning 375,” Detroit Today’s audio miniseries exploring the city’s I-375 highway.

The Reckoning 375 series from Detroit Today continues this week with a deeper look at how the city’s I-375 Reconnecting Communities Project to replace the freeway with a boulevard will be implemented at the street level, and how it will affect neighboring communities, commuters and pedestrians.

Harley Etienne is an associate professor of city and regional planning at The Ohio State University. He says data analytics are a key part of trying to achieve reparative justice through this project.

“Were the highway not put in place, and those homes and businesses allowed to grow and appreciate in value in time, what would they have been worth and how do you begin to address that?” Etienne asked.

Listen to the episode at Detroit Today.