The Knowlton Alumni Society denounces all racism and supports Black Lives Matter. We condemn the systematic racism that continues to plague our professions and institutions. In collaboration with the Knowlton School, we resolve to make immediate changes and take responsibility to create a more diverse alumni and faculty. Our current alumni base is not diverse enough to be reflective of our cities, states, and the country at large. We must push for more inclusive participation in our education systems at all levels to ensure equal opportunities.

Our Alumni Society has the unique opportunity to eliminate discriminatory legislation negatively impacting Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), especially as it pertains to urban and rural planning and zoning which has a long history of discriminatory practices. Racism and oppression must be addressed by those in the position of privilege and power; it is unfair to ask minorities to do more at this moment because their efforts for equality have been ignored for centuries.

The Knowlton Alumni Society Board knows this mission will take time to procure, but we are committed to taking immediate and tangible actions to improve racial inequality throughout our communities. We are taking action through the following measures:



  • Provide scholarships for Camp Architecture 2021.
  • Build relationships with underserved school districts to promote the fields of architecture, city regional planning and landscape architecture.
  • Connect with existing mentorship programs to identify the needs of our communities.
  • Create a committee of alumni to actively recruit at HBCUs, fall 2020


Educate ourselves on the discriminatory practices that preclude BIPOC in our communities and society. Work in partnership with Knowlton’s Director and faculty on the curriculum to create a reflective learning experience to expose and amend systematic racism. Inspire a diverse design culture to create innovative and inclusive solutions.